Deck and Patio Contractor in Yacolt

Improve Your Yacolt Property

If you’re looking to improve upon your property, the quickest and most affordable way to do this is by installing a deck or patio. At Cowboy Creek Construction LLC, decks and patios just happen to be our specialty. If you’re looking for designs, builders, or a great team who can restore a deck that has seen better days, our friendly and experienced builders can get it done!

When you hire professionals, you’ll get a beautiful custom deck or patio that flows with the unique shape of your hard instead of looking like it was forced onto the property. With a sizeable portfolio and many rave reviews, we’re up to the job of making any Yacolt yard into a space you want to spend time in.

New Deck and Patio Building

The steps we take when building a new deck or patio are simple.

First, of course, you will schedule your free design consultation with our Yacolt offices! Or, if you’re more comfortable with email we’re happy to communicate that way as well. We’ll ask you a few questions and then set up a meeting on the property so our contractor can really get a feel of what they’re working with.

On the follow-up appointment, we’ll discuss some fun stuff like materials and shaping, so that we can complete your deck or patio design.

Once the design is complete, building can begin! Depending on the size, a deck will take between one and three weeks to build—patios much faster.

Repairing Older Decks and Patios

Patios are generally made of concrete and embedded in the ground, making it less common to see major damage on them. Cracks of course, are the most common issue we come across. Unfortunately, cracks can appear within the first 30 days of installation—this is a result of adding too much water to the concrete mix. When you hire Cowboy Creek Construction LLC, we ensure that our mix is near-perfect every time so you don’t have this happen to your patio.

Cracking can happen within the first 30 days, because that is the length of time it takes for the concrete to fully set. Generally, cracks are small and nothing to be concerned about. But if they’re larger, we can come to your home within 24 hours of your call to fill them.

Decks face a lot more problems. Nails can pop out, stain and sealer can wear off under the elements, and steps can need re-anchoring. As they’re used the most, they will become a concern before anything else. Replacing a board is also not uncommon. They can become warped, and over-used.

Old or New, We’ve Got You

Whether it’s a new building project or the restoration of an older deck or patio, Cowboy Creek Construction LLC is equipped and capable of handling it.

We’ve completed many appealing builds in Yacolt and we hope that yours is next!

Call us today for a free consultation and see your yard transform into your new favorite space.