Retaining Walls in Vancouver

Building a retaining wall on your property can be both useful and attractive. These walls can be used to create levels in an otherwise flat or sloped yard, or to separate a yard that connects directly with a sidewalk or road.

As a seasoned masonry company in Vancouver, retaining walls are something we’ve constructed a lot. And when it comes to retaining wall construction, we can assist you with all the permits required, design tips and suggestions, and of course top-notch construction.

It’s important to the Cowboy Creek Construction LLC team to work closely with our clients to ensure we’re building the backyard retaining walls they’ve been picturing when they imagine their updated landscaping. All you have to do to get started building, is pick up the phone!

Brick Retaining Walls

Brick retaining walls are great for creating a clean border around or within your garden. The cost of retaining wall blocks will depend on the size of the wall and if you’ve hired us to construct multiple levels.

At Cowboy Creek Construction LLC, we do our best to offer our Vancouver clients the best materials at the best prices, and while an assessment is necessary to provide an accurate estimate, you can estimate for roughly $20 per square foot when working with brick.

Stone Retaining Walls

Natural stone retaining walls remind us of old estates out on the moors in Europe. If you’re looking for a natural look for your retaining wall, layered stone is your best option.

The cost for this sort of retaining wall installation is a little bit higher on average than brick or concrete, sitting at roughly $25 per square foot. But, it’s well worth the extra if this is your ideal look as is the case for many Vancouver homeowners.

Concrete Retaining Walls

Poured concrete retaining walls or cinder block retaining walls have a much more modern look than brick or stone. The most affordable of the materials we work with, you can achieve a look similar to brick or stone when you work with concrete and can even go a step further in creativity by using the unnatural colors that can be used to dye concrete.

From slick modern walls to intricate colorful statement pieces, when you want to express yourself with a concrete retaining wall, we’ll be happy to help you out!

Built to Code

Like with any construction or renovation project, retaining walls need to be constructed by licensed professionals like the workers at Cowboy Creek Construction LLC. They also have to follow certain Vancouver codes and guidelines.

Having worked in the industry for many years, we’re well equipped to help you navigate all the paperwork and do the leg-work so you can spend your time on other things!

Established Retaining Wall Contractors

At Cowboy Creek Construction LLC, we know it can be difficult to find the best contractor for the job. With our talent for residential retaining wall design, as well as experience in the Vancouver industry, we can provide you with everything you need, at competitive pricing.

Give us a call today to get started!