Patio Repair and Restoration Vancouver

Patio Repair and Restoration in Vancouver

One of the main selling points of a patio is that it is long-lasting. They endure, because they’re built right into the ground rather than being supported on a framework like a deck. At Cowboy Creek Construction LLC we’ve had the pleasure of building many Vancouver patios for satisfied customers; and when it comes time for a fix, we’re right there to help.

If your patio is showing premature wear, or you’ve just moved into a home with an older patio that was poorly maintained—hang in there! Give us a call and we’ll be there in a flash.

Like New – Or Better!

Patios in Vancouver can face a range of problems that crop up over the years, as any outdoor structure does. They’re exposed to the elements, and constantly have people walking all over them. It’s a tough life.

Power washing and trimming weed growth can keep your patio looking nice for an amount of time, but sometimes bigger problems can appear.

Flagstone and pavers can shift and sink, gravel can thin and get spread around the rest of your yard, brick and concrete can warp and crack.

This is where Cowboy Creek Construction LLC comes in!

We’ll show up at your home with all the equipment needed to bring your patio back to its original splendor, or even better.

Many new homeowners have inherited not-so-interesting, cracked, concrete patios. Did you know that instead of tearing them up you can resurface them? Patterned concrete, stained and stamped, faux limestone or even a dramatic micro-topping are all fixes that can be applied to this situation.

The process isn’t even that tough! Once we pour the new overlay, we can add whatever details you like and in no time you’ll be looking at a stunning new patio that likely looks like it cost ten times more than it actually did.

This is just one example of the repairs we can offer at Cowboy Creek Construction LLC. Patios should last as long as you are living in your home, and with the right up-keep they’ll do exactly that.

Make the Decision to Keep Your Patio

Whatever repair you choose to pursue, we encourage you to refurbish over demolish. A patio adds curb appeal to your home. It’s a literal foundation for your entertaining needs. It enhances the floor plan of your home, and keeps bugs and dirt from interfering with your time spent outdoors.

Patios built with coverage can shield you from the elements most of the year so you can enjoy your yard even longer than usual, and you’ll save money and time when it comes to landscaping because of a lack of grass.

Summers in Vancouver need to be cherished, as does your time with friends and family. Let our Cowboy Creek Construction LLC family help yours to have the best summer yet on a beautifully refurbished and cleaned up patio. Call us today! Our helpful team members will schedule a meeting with you immediately.