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Years of experience and a large portfolio of accomplished, quality jobs is our offering to you. As a leader in the Camas deck and patio building industry, you can rely on Cowboy Creek Construction LLC to complete your job in record time, with only the best materials.

When it comes to picking out the materials, and even the tools that we use for the job, we put as much care in as we do our hiring process. We value every aspect of a build, from start to end and pride ourselves in providing the best results.

Many Options

There are two main options when it comes to decking material. Each have staying power, so what it comes down to for choice, is the look that you are going for with your project. Installing a deck provides a lot of scope for imagination, and every option results in a beautiful Camas property.


When building the classic wood deck, your most economic choice is going to be to go with pressure-treated lumber, but you can also choose the naturally superior redwood or cedar—or if you like something exotic—tropical hardwoods.


Composite and plastic lumber are a fast-growing trend in the decking world. They’re a bit pricier, but strong, long-lasting, and come in a wide array of colors.

Your deck will also be stained—in this process it is possible to choose a tinted stain so you can bring a bit of color to a lighter wood at the end of the build.

Patios also have two common options in terms of building material:


Interlocking concrete pavers present a very uniform look but are suitable for a large range of projects. If you are concerned about movement over time, this is the best option due to their installation process.

Natural Stone

While it’s possible to have natural stone cut into rectangles, you will usually see it composed of irregular shapes. This provides a slightly more natural look but they can spread over time.

Building Your Deck or Patio

When you come into our offices for your consultation, you’ll get a chance to meet the team who will be working on your project. Generally this team will consist of a contractor, and builders. Your contractor will also be working to create the model of your build so you can see what it looks like before it’s even started to be built!

The timeline for a deck build is between one and three weeks, while patios can be finished in a matter of days.

It’s Time to Build!

You’ve chosen to build your deck or patio, now choose to get it done right. At Cowboy Creek Construction LLC we have the manpower and drive to complete a quality, polished product that will last for years.

Add value to your home and excitement to your life—build a deck or a patio and enjoy the outdoors more often!

We look forward to getting your call.